social responsibility

eight picks - a symbol of quality and craftsmanship

At eight picks, we carefully select our clothes from only those brands that can provide the quality and craftsmanship that eight picks represents. Each of the curated items that you find in our store has been made with the best quality materials. We only work with manufacturers that implement fair labor practices and safe and humane working conditions throughout their supply processes.

designed and manufactured in Korea

Korean fashion brands’ competitiveness lies in superior and creative fabrics manufactured in S. Korea, unique and stylish designs, small-scale production of wide variety of products, and the incredible skills of the craftsmen. We work with brands that manufacture their clothes in S. Korea utilizing these attributes of Korean fashion industry. In doing so, we believe we are supporting Korean clothing industry and its highly skilled craftsmen when more and more brands are moving their production to cheaper production centers overseas.

we believe in giving back

As much as we want our children to grow up as responsible individuals, we believe in the power of corporate social responsibility. We are passionate about making the world a better place by giving back to the society. We donate a portion of our profits to Sanctuary for Families, New York’s service provider and advocate for domestic violence and gender violence victims. As we grow, we will endeavor to donate to more organizations that help and nurture our society.